DQN - Design and Quality for Marine

DQN - Design and Quality for Marine


A brand characterized by the quality of "Made in Italy". DQN guarantees high standards of research and innovation in materials and production processes in the field of marine accessories.


A model open to the future and committed to improve it.

Rooted in a century of history, centred on territory, the core activities promote a culture that reinforce the will of the Consortium to build a successful future. All companies that make up the soul have taken the commitment to make a strong contribution of ideas and availability. The research activities are finalized to develop and test new products and production processes with the aim to obtain a certification for their specific use in the marine industry, ensuring quality characteristics and resistance, echoed across the brands. The initiative is open to other companies who wish to join the philosophy that guides project DQN, and meet the quality requirements provided by the specification.

The agreement offers a new model of shared philosophy between companies that looks beyond the usual and healthy competition in the market. Making available the experience, the competence and the history to other members of DQN, proves the will to improve the rules of a business model that sometimes diverts energy from growth, thereby risking the excellence of an entire industry field.

All these values are synthetized in the DQN logo, which may only be used by the companies that have achieved these standards.

It is a big challenge, due to the uniqueness of the project, but the enthusiasm and constructive spirit that companies have immediately demonstrated are solid bases for a successful initiative and outcome.


Thanks to the initiative of the companies Gallinea, Manifattura Corti, Pantecnica, Parà-Tempotest and Veco and with the support of the Lombardy Region, in collaboration with Politecnico of Milano, project DQN – Design and Quality for Marine is born.

The 5 renowned Italian companies participate as founding partners in a working group involved in the design, production and marketing of accessories for the marine industry, cooperating to ensure the highest quality standards in their respective fields.

A choice made to value the excellence in this field, and the benefit of “Made in Italy” which is unmatched regarding the quality of products and service, provides a source of inspiration to the consumer.

DQN is based on experience and relevance used as specific evidence on which to build a model of behaviour and directions to adequately meet the future challenges that face the global market, especially Italian companies. The companies involved in the partnership have agreed to meet high quality standards fixed by the Politecnico of Milano in order to guarantee the highest performance assigned to the products made by each of them.

DQN stems from a defined innovative model that is inspired by the enormous fund of culture, knowledge, experience and investments that have lead the associated companies to excel in Italy and in the world.


PARTICIPATING IN THE DQN PROJECT – Design and Quality for Marine:


Gallinea s.r.l.– the creators of IBoat, Gallinea was founded in 1959 and established itself in the sector of electric and electronic components in the marine field, in which they have developed their own technical, project and service skills.

Manifattura Corti

Manifattura Corti S.r.l. – was born in 1913 in Brianza, producing technical fabrics and ribbons. For years they have developed specific applications for the boating industry, with products designed specifically for protection and decoration.


Pantecnica® was established in 1981 to develop, industrialize and sell technologically advanced sealing systems for fluids and anti-vibration systems, for special applications including those designed for the construction of boats, yachts and military ships.

Parà - Tempotest

Parà s.p.a. is a family company founded in 1921, always a leader in fabrics for sun protection and decoration, both indoor and outdoor. Para has been involved in this sector since launching the fabrics of the specially developed Tempotest Marine collection.


Veco s.p.a. is an industrial company at worldwide level, leader in the manifacturing of sophisticated marine refrigeration systems from 1972. Since 1984 Veco started the production of high quality marine air conditioning systems.


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